“Brett and I don’t want a relationship or a story that’s like everyone else’s, so we’ve created our own.” The piece I wrote for The Coast’s Halifax Weddings publication is now out in digital and print. You can read it here:

[ First comes love,
then skips marriage ]

Their Deputy Editor contacted me a few months and asked if I’d be open to sharing a bit of our story. Brett and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary this year—but what those closest to us know is that we don’t plan on getting married. This piece (which yes, is in a wedding publication) touches on how these days, there are lots of ways to celebrate a relationship that don’t necessarily involve a traditional ceremony and a contract. And not only is that okay, but that it’s positive and worthwhile to think critically about life’s “milestones” and decide what truly serves you.

For me, that’s never been a diamond, a white dress, a contractual commitment—the material things that sometimes get away from the essence of what love is, which in our view, can’t be bought or signed into reality. Opting to celebrate our 10 year milestone with a big party with our friends—including a Comedy Central style roast—felt like us.

Frank Ocean said it best: “Maybe someone is not something to own, maybe the government got nothing to do with it…”

Read the full story here.

Photos: Alexa Cude
Makeup: Jennifer Murphy Beauty
Hair: Barrett Wamboldt at Vibe
Dress: Pretty Little Thing
Earrings: House of Moda

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