I keep encountering the most impeccably-presented, delicious-looking ice creams on Instagram from different Halifax eateries. I’m simultaneously impressed by some of the creations and aghast that I’ve yet to try any of them. So, this summer, I’ve decided to take on the very important work of sampling the creations that have caught my eye—but first, I’ve rounded up the list so you can treat it as a checklist, too. As I try them, I’ll update this post with my reviews and will order them based on my favourites!

Taiyaki 52

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Just LOOK at that cone! I’ve seen ice creams like this from NYC featuring the fish-shaped waffle and a swirl of soft serve with toppings, but never in Halifax. Taiyaki 52 recently opened on Brunswick Street, and ever since, I’ve been daydreaming of their soft serve matcha ice cream in a freshly baked waffle cone. You can check out more of their delicious-looking creations on Instagram.

Portland Street Crêperie

I can feel my blood sugar spiking just looking at this 😍 Portland Street Crêperie pairs a freshly baked bubble waffle in a cup or paper cone (I’ve seen both), a selection of ice cream, and assorted toppings (I’ve seen candy hearts, sprinkles, hard candy bits, and chocolate syrup so far) to create truly inspired combinations. Almost too pretty to eat! Daydream of more possible combos as posted on their Instagram.

DAIRY BAR by Manual Co.

The Stillwell Beer Garden is practically a second home during the summer, so it’s frankly shocking that I’ve managed to frequent the place without ever trying an ice cream from Manual Co.’s DAIRY BAR. I think the basis of it is that if I’m having a beer or cider, I’m more likely to reach for something salty. I intend to change that this summer and make it to the DAIRY BAR to try one of their frequently-changing cone flavours, or better yet, one of their more indulgent-looking concoctions (last year they had ice cream stuffed cream puffs and a banana split, pictured). More drool-worthy and up-to-date specials are on their Instagram.

Roll On Two Chimney Cakes

Cake as a cone? You can roll this on into my mouth, please. This is truly inspired—from the twist soft serve, the chocolate dip around the cake, the sprinkles, and the actual cherry on top. There appear to be a number of options for toppings, etc. (as seen in this video of them assembling an ice cream… uuhhhnn) and my mind is racing thinking of the possibilities. Head over to their Instagram if you want to feel hungrier.

Am I missing any must-check-out ice cream spots in Halifax on my list? Which are your favourites?

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