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High Intensity Leg Day


Getting a great workout in doesn’t mean spending hours on end at the gym; in fact, it shouldn’t. You’ll get the most benefit from shorter, higher-intensity workouts. Exercise isn’t just about “burning calories”—optimizing it to enhance our hormones and physiology  is really the name of the game. Doing more work in a shorter amount of time boosts HGH (fountain of youth!), testosterone (muscle building, sex drive, etc.) while minimizing cortisol (stress) and increasing insulin sensitivity (improving energy metabolism and minimizing fat storage).

The workout below can be completed in under an hour thanks to the supersets. There’s a big focus on glutes (my favourite), but the compound movements will work all of your legs as well as provide a great conditioning workout because of the high-intensity.

Warm Up

  • 5 min warm up on recumbent bike
  • L10, 90-100RPM*


  • 1 x 80lb* barbell
  • 1 x 24kg* kettlebell

* This is what I used, but be sure to adjust accordingly to ensure you’re able to complete the exercises with good form but are still very challenged.


Supersets mean you should not rest between the two exercises; however, you may rest as much as you need between sets to be able to complete the next superset. Remember to get LOW with the walking squats and lunges for maximum muscle activation and conditioning challenge.