Glutes & Legs

Glute Work – Volume 2

Twice as nice! Glute Work – Volume 2 (volume signifying both weight lifted and posterior shape) is another workout that will simultaneously kick and shape a better butt.


Word to the wise: I do NOT recommend performing these workouts back-to-back. Always give yourself at LEAST 48 – 72 hours between glute/leg workouts. They take a lot out of you, and you need to make sure you’re giving your muscles time to heal and grow without overtraining them!

Warm up

  • 5 mins on recumbent bike, 85 mph @ L10-12

Superset – Walking Lunges with Plates & Barbell Glute Bridges

Here are links to proper form for walking lunges and barbell glute bridges.

I like to do this superset in a side room at the gym for more space, etc.

For equipment, I use regular plates with hand holes for the walking lunges. For glute bridges, I like to use Body Pump bars with their big plates (create good distance for hip lifting), a mat to lay on and one to roll up and put over your hips.

For 4 sets:

  • 30-40 x walking lunges – alternating legs, back and forth length of the room (room size doesn’t matter but aim for 15-20 reps per leg)
    alternate without break
  • 10 x glute bridges, feet wider apart (heels in V)
  • 10 x glute bridges, feet hip width facing forward

Single Leg Press on Assisted Pull Up Machine

On an assisted pull up machine, add a heavy counterweight. You’ll be pressing down on this weight one leg at a time. Once you’ve set your weight, stand on the bench part allowing your weight to bring it down. Leave one foot on the bench and carefully reposition the other on the stand. Slowly bring the weight up on the bench, using your legs/glutes/abs to control it, and once your leg is parrallel with your hip, press it back down, holding the side bars for support.

For 3 sets:

  • 10 x presses per leg, no rests between legs

Smith Machine Single Legged Squats

I do this with no weight added, using the smith machine for support to get a full range of motion on the squat. This is hard as hell and really engages the glute!

For 3 sets:

  • 10 x per leg, no rests between legs

Single Leg Press

I like using the leg press in the weight room that allows you to add your own plates, etc., as its shape better accommodates multiple positions. In this series, you’ll be using a moderate/heavy weight and switching between legs and position variation without rest.

For 3 sets:

  • 10 x single leg press per leg – facing forward, heel square and at shoulder-width postion
    alternate without break
  • 10 x single leg press per leg – resting on your side with foot positioned almost horizontally, so that the press is like you’re kicking out with weight in the heel