Glutes & Legs

Glute Work – Volume 1

glute workouts

Two things I love just happen to go hand in hand: lifting heavy and a big, round booty! 😉 Adding shape and volume to the posterior is best achieved with heavy weights, blending multi-joint exercises with isolation and coupled with good nutrition.

The workout detailed below is tough, sweaty and usually leaves me hobbling a bit the next day – but  the challenge is awesome, and it’s incredibly effective.

A word to the ladies: if you don’t already lift heavy, you’ll be surprised how strong your lower halves actually are; and if not right away, how quickly you become strong. Physical strength aside, I find lifting incredibly empowering mentally. Progress and increased strength and ability are addictive.

All exercises below to be performed in sequence, back to back. Go hard and enjoy!

Warm up

  • 5 mins on recumbent bike, 85 mph @ L10-12


I use the squat rack and plates for these. Proper form is really important and I suggest nailing it before piling on the weight.

  • 10 reps warm-up weight
  • 10 reps heavy
  • 10 reps heaviest
  • 10 reps heaviest
  • 10 reps heaviest

Superset – One Legged Deadlifts & Cable Kickbacks

Here are links to the proper form for the one legged deadlift and cable kickbacks. I typically hold a barbell instead of kettlebell for my one legged deadlifts (can balance more weight by holding with two hands).

Here, you should be performing one leg after another without break and deadlift to cable kickback without break. Take a quick break after a full set of both legs – shouldn’t be more than 1 minute, though, to keep the intensity high.

For 3 total sets of each leg:

  • 10 x one legged deadlift per leg with heavy weight
    alternate without break
  • 10 x cable kickbacks per leg with heavy weight

* BONUS – add a few more pounds to your deadlift or cable kickback gradually with each set
** DOUBLE BONUS – burn out with 5 mini reps at the end of each set if you’re feeling good

Superset – Walking Lunges with Plates & Barbell Glute Bridges

Here are links to proper form for walking lunges and barbell glute bridges.

I like to do this superset in a side room at the gym for more space, etc.

For equipment, I use regular plates with hand holes for the walking lunges. For glute bridges, I like to use Body Pump bars with their big plates (create good distance for hip lifting), a mat to lay on and one to roll up and put over your hips.

For 3 – 4 sets:

  • 30-40 x walking lunges – alternating legs, back and forth length of the room (room size doesn’t matter but aim for 15-20 reps per leg)
    alternate without break
  • 10 x glute bridges

* BONUS – add 5 mini reps at the end of each glute bridge set for extra burn

Bottom line (pun intended): if you’re serious about adding shape to your lower half, lifting heavy weights is the only way to do it.