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Guest Feature on Lifestyle Accountability Show

Lifestyle Accountability Podcast


Better late than never, right? Back in December, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Adam and Devon bate of the Lifestyle Accountability Show, a podcast based here in Halifax that shares inspiring interviews with people making health and fitness a priority. 

It was a fun and positive thing to be a part of, so thought I’d share the link my interview. In between my general ramblings, I touched on some things I really believe in—such as using quality information to make informed decisions about nutrition and fitness, empowering yourself to LEARN, as well as the importance of using performance goals as a motivator—not just aesthetic ones. And with that, a link to the interview:

Click to hear the Lifestyle Accountability Show interview!

*Note—the interview is nearly half an hour long, so no discredit to you if you don’t make it through 🙂

As a final note, I was also excited to see that a number of folks that I’m a big fan of in the online fitness community had been interviewed as well—their episodes are at the links below: