Life is short, the world is beautiful—and I’m committed to living well and seeking experiences that help me appreciate life to the fullest. If we share this sentiment in common, you’ve arrived at the right place.

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I started this blog in 2013 with the intention of sharing my experiences with nutrition and fitness. While eating well and active living are undoubtedly still part of my life—and a small part of what I’ll write about here—I’ve learned a lot since then when it comes to balance and, quite simply, my priorities.

As a result, much of what I originally published here no longer serves me or reflects my worldview, so I let this platform go stagnant (a bit more about that here, with emphasis on point #5). What hasn’t changed is that I still love to share my experiences—and lust for life—with others. Instagram has been a fun outlet for doing that over the past few years, but I’m excited to transform this space into a resource for those of you who share the same interests.

While the transformation of this space is still a work in progress, I hope to share with you:

  • Recommendations for how to enjoy the profound natural beauty of Atlantic Canada (with a focus on Nova Scotia) via hiking, camping, and road trips
  • Recipes and restaurant reviews, because eating and drinking well is one of life’s greatest pleasures. I also believe balance is attainable and that striving toward a positive relationship with food and our bodies is something worth working toward in a society that profits from our self-doubt
  • Experiences and recommendations from my travels, because seeing the world and visiting other places is life-changing and offers such important perspectives
  • Other musings and reflections with regard to life and lifestyle overall

I look forward to sharing with you, learning from you and your experiences in the comments, and getting your feedback on what you’d like to see more of.

Here’s to living well!

About me

If you made it this far, hi! My name is Laura Hawkins and I’m blogging from beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, where I’ve built a life with my partner of 10 years, Brett (aka best friend, adventure copilot, Instagram husband, soulmate, etc).

Professionally, I’m Director of Digital Marketing at an agency called Kula Partners—and while I’m passionate about digital (after all, it’s what I do, and I am here sharing my experiences online), I think it’s never been more important to strike a balance between our digital lives and savouring the more fundamental parts of our human experience. Spending time outside. Revelling in nature. Taking pleasure in food and drink. Moving our bodies. Connecting with one another. Laughing. Having fun. This blog is my ode to all of those things.

For more day-to-day photos, musings and more, follow me on Instagram. To learn more about me, keep reading—and introduce yourself in the comments because I’d like to get to know you, too!

The information contained on this blog is not intended to replace professional advice. Follow any recommendations based on your own discretion. Read the full disclaimer for more information.